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[accordion-item title=”I have an accountant. Why do I need to  make a switch?“] Does your accountant pick-up and drop-off your financial statements? Does your accountant specialize in small business and their special needs? Does your accountant make sure you pay all your taxes on time? Does your accountant offer a cost effective payroll solution that won’t break your bank? Does your accountant identify tax issues before they become a real problem?  Well, Alphaoasis Inc. offers all those services and more.[/accordion-item]


[accordion-item title=”Can a small business owner like me pay for a monthly accounting service?“]We don’t only specialize in small businesses, we set our fees for a small business budget as well. Plus the services offered by Alphaoasis Inc. are designed to be cost effective. By actively engaging you each month on tax planning and sound business management, we will surely save you more than we charge you. So far, we’re able to do that with most of our clients. You shouldn’t worry about leaving money on the table at the end of each month.[/accordion-item]


[accordion-item title=”Hope my business is not too small for an accountant to work with?“]Alphaoasis  specializes in Small businesses and their  requirements. You shouldn’t wait before you start putting your financial records in order because it will contribute to future problems in your business  and eventually become costly to you. Sound accounting advice is even more valuable to a Small Business Owner because you may not always have the resources to recover from mistakes made by poor planning or inadequate information.[/accordion-item]