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We provide solutions and consulting geared towards solving some of the most challenging business problems.
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Our people have the highest professional qualifications and; significant local and international exposure. Our processes combine a broad range of expertise with specialized knowledge of the key industries including financial services, oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing, services, education, healthcare, government and NGOs.

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Technology Consulting and Digital Strategy Development

With a set strategy, organizations require the
technology, tools and techniques to make things
work better; to
• Operate more efficiently
• Optimize processes
• Improve productivity
• Focus on generating revenue and
• Reduce waste and cost
We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve
these management and business objectives.

Social Media / Digital Marketing

• New Media Integration
• Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest,
Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
• Digital Marketing
• Google Adword, Pay per click
• Blog content creation
• Facebook Ads
• etc.
• Online reputation management

Mobile computing

• Mobile and web applications
• Alerts and Notification services
• Mobile Marketing
• Online Reputation Management
• Bulk SMS
• Sincere Views – our revolutionary mobile
customer feedback system oering:
• Customer feedback
• Customer Rating
• Surveys, Polls, etc.

Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Public, Private & hybrid Clouds
• Virtual Data Centers
• Dedicated and Virtual Hosting
• Email Services
• Virtual Vaults and Storage Services, etc.
• Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine
• Web Near U – our unique offering for:
• Domain Management Services

Data Center, Power, Communication and Networking Design and Solutions

• Data Center Solutions
• Enterprise power, networking and environment
• Hardware, Software and Telecommunication
• Enterprise Computing
• Security and Optimization
• System Support and Maintenance
• Partnership with major OEMS
• Oracle, IBM, Microsoft
• Cisco, VMWare, EMC
• HP, NetApp, Dell
• Huawei, Symantec, etc.

Software Development and Project Management

Getting the most value from your investment in IT
requires painstaking exploration, careful planning
and disciplined execution. New Usual oers:
• Business Analysis
• Systems planning
• Software Development
• Quality Assurance and Automated Testing
• Systems Integration
• Innovation Design and Execution
• Research and Development

Strategic Outsourcing

New Usual’s strategic outsourcing program oers
you peace of mind, letting you focus on core
business while we take the guess work out of your
routine tasks. The results are higher productivity,
cost savings and less administrative bottlenecks
among others. We oer:
• Technical resources and leasing services
• Monitoring, support and maintenance services
• Software Development
• Project management
• Systems Administration

Sustainable Technology

With increasing stakeholder demand, governments
and businesses need to demonstrate greater
responsibility, not only for profit but also for the
environment and society by implementing green
technology. Technology governance must reflect
societal considerations including the efficient use of
energy, the recycling and disposal of electronic
waste. We oer sustainable:
• Power design and implementation including solar
• Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
• Design and environmental stewardship


At NEW USUAL, we believe that people represent the most strategic assets of an organization. As such,
developing people so they become more productive is crucial to the success of the organization. Our training
programs assist to bring out the best in people and help achieve their highest possibilities.

Our Projects
Our expertise reflects decades of experience, combining understanding of business requirements and defining solution architectures tailored to specific business objectives.
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